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Smart energy and environmental policy is smart economic policy

FEX Group owns 50% of the SIM Venture Securities Exchange (SIM VSE) in a joint venture with the National Stock Exchange of Australia. SIM VSE was launched in July 2010. SIM VSE operates a securities market specialising in driving investment in the clean technology, renewable energy, biological science and related technology and service industries.

SIM VSE operates a securities market specialising in driving investment in the clean technology, renewable energy, biological science and related technology and service industries.

SIM VSE is an Australian Government licensed Stock Exchange, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). SIM VSE operates a fully electronic market platform with straight through settlement via the CHESS registration system.

Exchanges are an essential building block for economic growth and are a key prerequisite for efficient and sustainable economic development. At the same time, exchanges provide a proxy indicator for economic health and growth. As an Asian based global exchange, SIM VSE has a regional investor focus, with particular emphasis on China, and a worldwide outlook providing opportunities for global investors and issuers to access and participate in the market. The focus of the market is clean technology, renewable energy and related technology and service companies.

The SIM VSE Listing Rules have been written to optimise the opportunity for these companies to streamline their listing process and present to the market in an efficient and cost effective manner. SIM VSE offers issuers and investors the opportunity to meet within the environment of a regulated and licensed marketplace. By focusing on the clean technology and renewable asset classes, SIM VSE's aim is to concentrate opportunities for investors by enabling exposure to a broad range of geographically diverse companies.

SIM VSE vigorously pursues the goal of maintaining a fair, transparent marketplace for its asset classes. Further, SIM VSE continuously works toward removing any obstacles deemed to undercut the clarity and validity of the price discovery process, and consequently, investor confidence in the sector.

The SIM VSE model does not contribute directly to the debate about climate change. Our view is that much of the debate is not anti-sustainability or anti-renewables but rather, a representation of the hidden debate about the standard of living between developed versus developing countries. The pressure of domestic politics ensures that each country is compelled to support its own sovereign, national position; therefore each will work to formulate an argument or derive a conclusion that matches the desired position for that country.

SIM VSE is part of an effort to neutralise the politics of the giants of the developed versus developing world, and draw not only investment to the cleantech meta classes but encourage and incentivise solutions through technological innovation, education and efficient transfer of ideas and capital. SIM VSE prefers to consider the market as part of a global effort to improve the environmental standard of living where the incentives are practical, universal and a fundamental part of building a sustainable economic base desirable for all nations.

SIM VSE has trading capability in cash equities executed using the NasdaqOMX X-Stream trading platform. Orders are entered by market participants via the electronic market interface. The trading platform compares bid and offers entered into the system and automatically executes trades in strict time/price priority. Trades are settled through CHESS.

Exchange trading hours are Monday to Friday between 10am and 4.15pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

For further information go to www.simvse.com.au.